Diet–Day One

I would say the cupcakes in the cabinet are calling me, but those were cleared out months ago. In preparing for my “diet”, I eliminated anything processed from my home. The freezer, once filled with frozen pizzas for the nights I didn’t feel like cooking and ice cream for when I needed comfort, now contains meat, vegetables and fruit. Period. I cleaned out my pantry after reading Nancy DeVille’s book, Death by Supermarket a while back. Gone are the chemically-laden boxes of instant death. So like the lady who lived in a shoe, my cupboards are bare except for a few canned goods, whole wheat flour, dried herbs and stevia.  

To get ready for the big day today, I stocked up at the Sunday farmer’s market. My counters and refrigerator are overflowing with fresh tomatoes, cantaloupe, watermelon, greens, beets, peppers, lettuce and asparagus.

The basic plan of my diet is this: eliminate nearly all dairy products except for some white cheeses; eliminate processed foods; eat pasture-finished, low-fat meats; and while I’m in the weight-loss phase, only one grain carb a day (breakfast or lunch). It’s a healthy way of living that I believe will also allow me to lose weight.

The biggies that I’m cutting out? It’s not the cupcakes I mentioned. I’ve always preferred homemade food to processed. It’s the sugar and the dairy that I’ll miss. Luckily, several months ago I made the switch from sugar to stevia in my coffee. As that was my main sugar problem, I’m not having to go through that withdrawal again. As a consequence, I don’t care for coffee as much, so I’m drinking less. Milk is my current adjustment. This is the first time in my life where I open the refrigerator and don’t see that comforting jug of hormone-laced sugar-water calling my name. Instead, I have almond milk and coconut milk. It will take a little time, but I’m sure it won’t take long until my taste buds crave these, instead.

So how is it going on day one? I’d be lying if I didn’t say it’s an adjustment. I woke up at 5:00 a.m. and had breakfast by 6:00. That meant I was ready for my morning snack by 8:30 and starving for lunch at 11:00. Eleven o’clock and I’ve already had three of my five meals??? Panic nearly set in wondering how I would make it through the long stretch of the rest of the day. My solution? I took a nap. It took me through the afternoon hours, after which I woke up and enjoyed a snack of fruit and nuts–and I am now again satiated. Tomorrow, however, I plan to start my breakfast a tad later and have at least three hours between snacks/meals so that I don’t have the same problem.

I believe I have a fear of hunger. Because in all honesty, I really haven’t been famished today. I’m simply afraid to be famished. So, there’s something I can look at in the future. In the meantime, I have dinner to look forward to. And it will be glorious. I’m marinating chicken breasts in lime and my infused olive oil (basil and garlic) as well as pesto mushrooms and asparagus to grill. I found a recipe for a tomato, artichoke soup I plan to try, as well. And I can’t imagine, diet or not, a better meal to look forward to!


2 responses to “Diet–Day One

  1. Are you on your blood type diet or are you doing some other form? Also it is always good to start anything, diet, fast whatever with a colonic, get all that old crap out, because it will constantly call to you.
    Also, if you eliminate everything too fast you will feel so bad and have such a headache that sometimes this will set you up for a failure day. So easy does it and you should be able to get into a new routine shortly.
    Colonics take the toxic edge off of your liver, help to clean the gall bladder and move the fat out faster.
    Good Luck we are behind you 100%…..

  2. Thanks, Linda. I guess I’d better set an appointment for a colonic!

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