Winter–The Fresh Food Blues

It has been a rough winter. As I write this, we are experiencing one of the worst snow storms in years. The weather alone isn’t the cause of my distress; rather, the lack of fresh, organic, local produce has caused my dilemma.

     Winter is such a time of scarcity, especially when it comes to fresh produce. I dream of the heirloom tomatoes of last summer. The produce I put up in the fall are gone. I still get sweet potatoes, squash, red kale and a few other items from my year-round CSA, but other than that, all I have are my sprouts to sustain me.

     Through the winter months, with little fresh produce on hand, and much chill in the air, I crave hearty, rich foods, instead. Soups and homemade bread are my mainstay during the winter months. And these “comfort” foods do bring comfort. So until the frost breaks and new growth begins, I’ll savor the savory flavors of winter—and dream of the coming bounty.


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