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To Fast, or Not to Fast…

To really solidify my new eating lifestyle I’m choosing to do a two-day fast. When first suggested, I thought, Are you nuts? I’ve never missed a meal in my life–let alone two days’ worth of food. Impossible. Still, I’m willing to give it a try. I’ve seen the benefits in others, for sure.

Many of my friends are raw foodies who frequently fast. It’s common to hear, “I’m on a seven-day fast”. An astounding example is my dear friend, the amazing Dr. Kat Bowie. One day she invited me to lunch with her and her business partner. When I got there, she announced, “I’m on a 30-day juice fast.” Are you kidding me? The thought of going out to lunch with two meat-eating hungry people astounded me. I know I couldn’t do it. The smell alone would have driven me rabid for food. But, as Kat is also a raw foods person, the smell of the meat was probably¬†enough to keep her from getting hungry. Still, I am awed by her determination.

So here I am whining about a two-day fast. I’m mentally preparing myself by reading about others’ experiences. The Lean Saloon offers some great suggestions.

And from my experience eating well the past 10 days, I think I can do it. I’m still amazed at such quick results: I’ve lost five pounds; my skin is smooth and clear; and I have more energy than I know what to do with.

And for the most part, since day two, the cravings are gone–except for when a random thought pops in my head. For example, my daughter, Tara, and I went to the farmer’s market on Sunday (I admit I’m shopping several times a week to keep enough fresh, organic fruits and vegetables in the house). Afterwards, I was telling her about a local hamburger joint that has roller skating on Sundays. I said, “Let’s go!” And instantly, I mean instantly, the image of a juicy, greasy burger with fries popped into my head. I could smell it. So I told her it would be best not to go just yet. But other than that intense moment, the cravings are gone. As I don’t yet have the willpower of Kat, for me, out of sight–out of mind, is still the best option.

So, tomorrow I fast. We’ll see how it goes–I’ll keep you posted!